Tools to Strengthen security

Find solutions to increase security

Google Identity Platform

Build an authentication system

Google Identity Platform is a suite of tools that helps startups quickly build an authentication system that can scale with their business and reduce the friction of getting users into an app

Firebase Authentication

Implement Google sign-in for an app

Firebase Authentication is an end-to-end identity solution that supports email/password accounts, phone authentication, and third party providers like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and GitHub.

Google Cloud ID Aware Proxy

Make sure teams work securely

Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy controls access to cloud applications running on Google Cloud Platform. It makes it easier to grant secure access for teams who are spread out and need to access the cloud.

Google Cloud Identity & Access Management

Centrally manage resource authorization

Cloud Identity and Access Management lets administrators authorize who can take action on specific resources, giving startups full control and visibility to centrally manage cloud resources across the entire organization.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention API

Get state-of-the-art security for customer’s sensitive data

The Cloud Data Loss Prevention API lets startups feel more at ease with their customer’s information because it provides fast, scalable classification and redaction for sensitive data elements like credit card numbers, names, social security numbers, passport numbers, and more