Tools to Optimize for the web

Ensure a seamless web experience for your users

Google Web Designer

Create engaging HTML5-based designs and motion graphics

Google Web Designer is a free professional-grade HTML5 authoring tool used to create engaging and expressive content for the web. Web Designer is free to use and features a robust tool set as well as pre-built templates, so you can make beautiful ads and creative content that runs anywhere, easily.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Build faster ads and web pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source initiative that helps developers build faster web pages. With AMP, web pages and ads load almost instantly, giving users a smooth, more engaging experience on mobile and desktop.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Build app experiences without requiring a download

Progressive Web Apps are web-based programs that provide the reliability and speed of native apps. With Progressive Web Apps, startups can optimize the app experience for users, grow engagement, and increase conversions, all without an app store.

Test My Site

Test your site’s mobile performance

Most mobile sites lose 50% of their visitors while loading. Test My Site helps startups assess site speed and provides actionable feedback to boost performance.


Test, adapt, and personalize a website

Google Optimize helps startups serve up the best customer experience by testing website variations that can then be tailored to deliver a site that works best for each user.

Webmaster Guide

Optimize a website’s SEO

Google Webmasters is a resource that teaches how to make great web content for site visitors, improve search presence with SEO, and also provides fast site support and testing tools so that startups can easily be found on the web.