Tools to Build a product

Build and run killer apps and sites


Build better mobile apps

Firebase is Google’s mobile development platform, designed to help startups build and grow apps for Android, iOS, and the web. With Firebase, startups get all app solutions in one place and can move faster by focusing on users instead of infrastructure.

GCP App Engine

Run a mobile or web app in the cloud

Google App Engine is a fully managed platform that allows startups to build scalable web or mobile backends on the cloud, using any programming language. Startups just add code and App Engine handles all the heavy lifting including traffic, load balancing, health-checking, and updates.

Android Studio

Create an app for Android

Android Studio is the official environment for startups building for Android. It provides the fastest tools, including world-class code editing, debugging, and performance, for developing apps for every type of Android device.

Google Maps APIs

Use powerful location services

Google Maps APIs allows startups to use the precise mapping and location-based data to create engaging experiences for their customers and make smarter business decisions. From delivery services to travel providers, today’s most successful startups depend on the speed, accuracy, and comprehensive coverage of our mapping, navigation, and location data.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Build app experiences without requiring a download

Progressive Web Apps are web-based programs that provide the reliability and speed of native apps. With Progressive Web Apps, startups can optimize the app experience for users, grow engagement, and increase conversions, all without an app store.

Google Cloud Machine Learning APIs

Integrate powerful machine learning APIs

Google Cloud Machine Learning APIs are for startups who want to automate their workflows with Google’s cutting edge speech, vision, video intelligence, or translation capabilities. These machine learning powerhouses are pre-built and work with popular programming languages, so startups don’t have to build their systems from scratch.

Android Instant Apps

Native apps without the installation

An evolution in app sharing and discovery, Android Instant Apps allows Android users to run your apps instantly, without installation. Android users experience what they love about apps—fast and beautiful user interfaces, high performance, and great capabilities—with just a tap.