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CareAcademy's startup journey to revolutionize caregiving

Helen Adeosun has always taken—and given—great care. Her parents worked as caregivers, and she supported herself through graduate school by doing the same. She wanted to empower others to make a living as a caregiver as well as gain the skills needed to care for family members and loved ones. So she founded CareAcademy, an educational platform that provides expert-developed online training for senior home care professionals. CareAcademy has provided initial, annual, and client-specific training to more than 55,000 caregivers to date via 60+ interactive classes, available on both mobile and desktop.

To help get CareAcademy off the ground, Google for Startups invited Helen to attend a two-week long program for female entrepreneurs and to pitch investors onstage at Google Demo Day. There, Helen raised $1.6 million in funding, which she used to hire most of the CareAcademy team. "We had a ton of exposure—and a little bit of wind beneath our wings after we got some cash coming through the door," she said. From there, Helen and her team began selling CareAcademy to employers, who in turn use it to upskill their caregivers.

Today, CareAcademy uses several Google tools to monitor and optimize the brand’s online presence. Helen uses Google Analytics and Google Search Console to keep an eye on keywords driving web traffic, and Google Ads to reach people using them. "Anything that allows us to see how folks are engaging with the pages—what they’re clicking on, if they’re viewing, how long they’re viewing—is absolutely key," she said. Helen and her team also use G Suite apps like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Drive to stay connected. "G Suite helps us manage our business," said Helen. "I don’t know what we’d do without our G Suite account—the life of CareAcademy is encoded in Google Docs."

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