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The Zyla team pose in daylight at a park.

Founder story

Indian healthtech startup Zyla connects patients to 24/7 care management

Cuidas founders João, Matheus, and Deborah pose together in front of a blue wall.

Founder story

Brazilian startup Cuidas offers subscription healthcare services for employers

The headshots of the founders featured are placed against a black background with the Founded Logo.

Founder story

Founded: a podcast series for women in tech

Founder, Jose, smiles in front of a tree lined street.

Startup story

Canadian startup Arkangel AI taps into Cloud tech to remotely detect disease in seconds—including COVID-19

Founders, Justin and Bernard, are walking in front of a mural.

Startup story

Fintech startup LoanWell empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with access to capital

The team of Sepiia pose in front of their sign outside.

Startup story

Spanish startup Sepiia interweaves sustainability and ecommerce

Founders, Elina and Adam, are walking along a sidewalk at night.

Startup story

UK startup Feebris leverages AI to care for vulnerable populations remotely

Dogo Founder, Rasa, and her dog, Ūdra, smile for the camera.

Startup story

Germany-based startup Dogo uses Firebase to help "pawrents" train their dogs

The team of LPixel surrounds a banner revealing their company’s name.

Startup story

Japanese startup LPIXEL uses AI to make real change in the life sciences

A woman carries her baby on her back and holds her daughter’s hands as they walk away along a dirty road.

Startup story

How Ugandan startup M-Scan is making ultrasounds—and critical care— accessible for women in Eastern Africa

Founder, Gerald Otim, smiles at a table with colleagues.

Startup story

Microfinance startup, Ensibuuko, brings modern banking to customers throughout Uganda

Founders, Suji and Han, are walking with drinks in their hands along a dimly lit sidewalk.

Startup story

South Korean startup Deeply uses artificial intelligence to interpret everyday sounds

Tina Bychkova, Head of Digital Marketing, is speaking at a conference with colleagues.

Startup story

Estonian startup Synctuition brings calm to chaotic times with a 3D sound meditation app

Three chefs in masks and white robes are holding up fresh produce for the camera.

Startup story

São Paulo startup Liv Up pivots to bring hope and healthy food to people across Brazil

Four men are writing on a whiteboard in front of the Teester company sign.

Startup story

French startup Teester hits play on user-generated video reviews

Founders Ivonna Dumanyan and Gabrielle Levac are sitting side by side at a desk during a meeting smiling.

Startup story

Fitness startup Fathom AI races to eliminate preventable injuries

A driver and their red forklift are driving through a warehouse.

Startup story

Campus Seoul startup Motion2AI seeks to transform warehouse logistics and operations

The founders, Ashlee Ammons and Kerry Schrader, walk along a street at sunset.

Startup story

Mixtroz transforms corporate events—and their business model—to meet the needs of a virtual world

The title of the podcast series Founded is written in white font with blue and green pen marks underlining the text.

Founder story

Founded: A podcast series for women who lead

Founders sit at desks in a Google for Startups Campus Tel Aviv classroom, looking up at Google product expert at front of room.

Startup story

Tel Aviv startup Perimeter 81 helps businesses lock down networking security

A man helps another man stand up from sitting on a breakwater.

Startup story

Brazilian startup Trakto is transforming a tourist destination into a tech hub

Group of coworkers wearing matching shirts smiling and holding shoulders

Startup story

Atlanta startup Goodr leverages tech to feed more & waste less

person on motorbike with a red health package attached to the back of the bike

Startup story

LifeBank mobilizes blood donations through startup incubator program

five people standing in a circle talking, two backs are to the camera

Startup story

CareAcademy's startup journey to revolutionize caregiving

group of friends with the camera focused on one man smiling

Startup story

Chicago startup FanFood transforms stadium concessions with mobile app

man cutting woman's hair in barber shop

Startup story

ShearShare’s evolution from beauty professionals to B2B startup founders

three women sitting around a table with a laptop talking.

Startup story

EdTech startup Possip enables parent-teacher communication

man and woman seated on separate chairs. the woman is smiling at the man and the man is smiling with his arms in the air as if he were saying something emphatically

Startup story

Minneapolis startup Civic Eagle demystifies legislative process

woman smiles while sitting in a chair in an office

Startup story

Underdog startup Bitwise activates 'human potential' of Fresno

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An image of women sitting in a large circle around a table having a meeting.

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