Following best practices

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    Learn different approaches to problem solving

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    Understand how experts build and test products

  • Product development is an iterative cycle, you’re going to come up with something, build it, launch it, and then you’re just going to learn and do it again.

    Matthew Conroy, Product Manager, Google

Building for everyone

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    Build more inclusive products

  • Product inclusion principles

    Address the diverse needs of current and future users

    Build for everyone, with everyone

    Test and improve for inclusion

Designing your user experience

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    Get started faster with rapid UX prototyping

  • Practical prototyping pro tips:

    Simulate interactions

    Record interactions

    Print or copy existing content

    Explore depth and shadows

Putting customers first

  • The Five-Act Interview

    Friendly welcome

    Context questions

    Introduction to the prototype


    Quick debrief