Europe, Middle East, Africa

Growth Academy:
AI for Education

2 men and a woman discussing
Europe, Middle East, Africa - Hybrid
3 months

A three-month program providing education startups leveraging AI with essential growth skills, internationalization strategies, and Google tools to help them scale and innovate responsibly.

2 men and a woman discussing
Europe, Middle East, Africa - Hybrid
3 months

Applications are now closed.

About the program

2 women and a man discussing
A man holding the mic in hand

About the program

Google for Startups Growth Academy: AI for Education is a three-month hybrid program dedicated to supporting high-potential startups in the education industry using AI technology to grow and innovate responsibly.

Featuring a series of workshops, mentoring and networking events, the program helps founders develop data-driven strategies for acquiring new customers and partnerships, tools to innovate responsibly with emerging technologies, and expand to new markets.

After the initial three months of core content, startups continue to receive product support and mentorship from Google to help them address their challenges.

Two sessions throughout the program will be held in-person (locations will be shared soon); the rest of the program will be conducted virtually.

Program Benefits

  • Equity-free

    Equity-free support, with access to Google products and resources.

  • Hands-on mentorship

    Technical consulting and one-on-one support from Google mentors and AI experts.

  • Strategic & product support

    Support on AI, company, and product strategy.

  • Leadership training

    Tailored leadership training designed to improve management skills.

  • Go global

    Support from mentors and Google teams on new international opportunities, to expand your business to new markets.

  • Networking & community

    Connect with VCs, industry leaders and fellow founders, and become a part of our alumni network.

Entry Criteria

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Entry Criteria

  • Seed to Series A startups currently based in Europe, the Middle East, and/or Africa —but looking to scale internationally.
  • Leveraging AI to address education challenges including reskilling, executive education, coaching, and more.
  • Demonstrated traction, such as a clear track record of users and revenue.
  • Scalable product or service, with both a significant total addressable market and a defensible growth model.

Key Dates

  • June 11

    Application Deadline

  • June 2024

    Founder Interviews

  • September 2024

    Cohort announcement

  • September 2024

    In-person program kickoff

  • September-December 2024

    Core program

  • January 2025

    In-person bootcamp

Advisory Board

Frequently asked questions

How much time do I have to dedicate to the program?

The core content programming will mostly require 1 to 2 hours of your time per week to attend your mentoring and group sessions. While the sessions with other founders will be accommodated to fit the majority of the participants, you will schedule your individual mentoring sessions with your mentor. After three months of core content, startups will continue to receive support from Google to help them address their challenges. The exact time dedication of founders depends on their current individual needs.

Do I need to travel for the program?

The program is a hybrid program with two in-person moments consisting of two days each. These moments will be mandatory for at least one co-founder.

Can other team members take part in the program?

The program content is designed for founders. However, for certain specific online sessions, we can discuss if it makes sense to include some C-level team members. Do not hesitate to ask!

Does Google for Startups invest in the company or ask for equity?

No. Google for Startups does not invest in the company through this program, nor request any equity.