Black Founders Fund

Three men discussing and laughing while sited in conference room, and one man looking into the camera,.
Brazil - Hybrid
6 months

Google for Startups Black Founders Fund: Brazil provides cash awards — without giving up equity in return — and hands-on support to help Black-led startups in Brazil build and grow their businesses.

Three men discussing and laughing while sited in conference room, and one man looking into the camera,.
Brazil - Hybrid
6 months

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be considered for the next round.

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About the initiative

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About the initiative

Over 56% of Brazilians self-identify as Black, and of them, 29% own their own businesses. Yet Black Brazilian founders face unique barriers to becoming entrepreneurs. In fact, around one-third of Black entrepreneurs reported that they were denied credit without explanation. So, many have had to dip into their personal savings or rely on family and friends to get their businesses off the ground.

So why is this happening? It’s because there’s a market gap. Black business owners aren’t getting the capital they need to launch their companies. That’s why Google for Startups established the Black Founders Fund. We’re here to provide entrepreneurs with equity-free capital to grow their businesses.

Key benefits

  • Access to capital

    Receive support without diluting your equity ownership.

  • Google Cloud credits and support

    Receive Google Cloud credits and dedicated support via the Google for Startups Cloud Program.

  • Founder network

    Connect and get support from fellow founders as a part of the Google for Startups alumni network.

  • Custom mentorship

    Receive tailored product and leadership support from Google mentors and industry experts.

  • Leadership training

    Become a more effective leader through research-based strategies and expert coaching.

Entry criteria

Entry criteria

  • Diverse company, including at least one Black founder on their team
  • At Seed or Series A stage
  • Scalable product or service with a proven significant market
  • Companies with a social impact mission will be prioritized
  • Seeking to raise an initial investment round (seed) to finance the next stage of their startup’s development
  • Use of technology as the foundation of the solution
Entrepreneurship is lonely and requires a constant search for support. When I joined the Google for Startups community I realized how lonely you can feel if you're not part of a network with similar challenges to yours. It has been transformative on my journey!

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