Tools to Monetise your product

Create revenue streams to grow your start-up

Google Play

Build and grow revenue from apps

To earn money from an app, start-ups benefit from a platform that can create multiple revenue streams. Google Play offers a number of ways to reach users and maximise an app’s potential, including setting up paid apps, in-app digital purchases, advertising, e-commerce and subscriptions.


Maximise advertising revenue from apps

With a significant source of global advertiser demand, flexible ad controls, an industry-leading mediation service and formats to deliver a great user experience, AdMob can help start-ups make money from apps and maximise app revenue through app advertising.

Google Payment API

Enable effortless customer checkout

The Google Payment API lets customers use any credit or debit card stored in their Google account, including their Android Pay credentials, to check out in an app and on the mobile web.

Google AdSense

AdSense, Ads You Can Count On

Partner with the largest network of online advertisers, and start making money from your site.