Tools to Implement machine learning

Leverage the power of machine learning

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine

Build a scalable machine learning model

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine allows start-ups to build machine-learning models that work on any data, of any size. Trained models are immediately ready for use with Google’s global prediction platform and fully integrate with Google’s infrastructure, APIs and data services.

Google Cloud Machine Learning APIs

Integrate powerful machine learning APIs

Google Cloud Machine Learning APIs are for start-ups who want to automate their workflows with Google’s cutting-edge speech, vision, video intelligence or translation capabilities. These machine-learning powerhouses are pre-built and work with popular programming languages so that start-ups don’t have to build their systems from scratch.


Build and train a neural network

For start-ups who want to tap into the same neural network capabilities used by Google, there’s Tensorflow – an open-source software library that finds patterns and correlations in data and gives start-ups the ability to build customised machine learning networks that can solve a broad range of problems.

Assistant SDK

Embed the Google Assistant in any device

Google Assistant SDK is for start-ups who build products that need conversational functionality. Assistant SDK provides two simple integration options, and lets you add hot word detection, voice control and natural language understanding to any device.