Tools to Get insights and analytics

Better understand your customers

Google Analytics

Make data-driven decisions that improve customer experiences

Google Analytics helps start-ups interpret data from multiple touch points for an in-depth understanding of the customer experience. Use Google Analytics to measure behaviour across websites, apps and devices to make better, data-driven decisions.

Tag Manager

Organise and deploy tags

With Tag Manager, start-ups get straightforward and reliable tag management that easily integrates with existing systems so that programs launch faster and decisions get made.

Google Surveys

Get insights from potential customers

Google Surveys makes it easy to survey target audiences quickly, accurately and affordably so that start-ups can better understand potential users.

Data Studio

Visualise compelling data

Google Data Studio uses data visualisation to help start-ups make better business decisions. By integrating data across multiple Google products and other data sources, Google Data Studio turns this data into interactive reports and dashboards with built-in, real-time collaboration.

Google Forms

Get feedback and input from customers

Google Forms is a quick and easy way to create customised, professional forms for sign-ups, surveys and questionnaires. Images, videos and custom logic can be added to any form, and responses are conveniently collected into a single spreadsheet.

Google Trends

Understand trends in your industry

With Google Trends, start-ups get real-time access to Google’s vast search data to better understand trends related to their product or vertical. Start-ups use Google Trends to learn more about different markets, competitors and to better understand swings in demand.