Best practices to Understand your customers

Find out how to effectively reach your ideal customers

Google Trends

Discover what matters most to your audience in real time

Google Trends uses real-time data to help marketers gauge consumer search behaviours over time based on Google Search traffic. Subjects like seasonality, related terms and regionality of interest can be used to gain valuable information on what, when and where business opportunities are happening.

Primer App

Get bite-sized business insights to go

Google’s Primer app offers bite-sized, interactive lessons on a broad range of topics, from brushing up on digital marketing skills, learning what motivates customers, or working out how to build an attractive website.

Think with Google

Put Google research and insight behind your thinking

Think with Google is a powerful resource for any start-up looking for data, insights and trends across industries, platforms and audiences.

Udacity App Marketing by Google

Take a course on app marketing

Google teamed up with Udacity to create an app marketing course to help marketers learn how to grow a user base. The course focuses on how to identify the perfect customers, how to connect with them and what to say once they’re found.

Market Finder

Reach customers on a global scale

Market Finder can help take your start-up worldwide with three steps: by finding your ideal market, preparing you to go global, and then reaching global customers who seek what you sell. No matter your product, what size you are or where you're based, Market Finder can get your business to new customers around the world.

Playbook for Developers App

Get tips and strategies to succeed on Google Play

Playbook for Developers is an app that shows the latest Android features, best practices and strategies to succeed on Google Play. Startups can discover insights to help develop and launch an app, engage and grow your audience, and earn more revenue on Google Play.

Consumer Barometer

Understand how people use the internet around the world

Want to find out how many people in Asia talk about their purchases online? How many 18-45 year olds in the US buy their shoes online? The Consumer Barometer is a free, interactive tool from Google designed to help marketers develop a better understanding of today’s consumer in a fast changing digital landscape.