Best practices to Design and test

Get valuable insights on how to design, prototype and test your product

Design Sprint Kit

Plan and run a design sprint

The Google Design Sprint Kit contains a 5-phase framework that helps answer critical business questions through rapid prototyping and user testing. Sprints let start-ups reach clearly defined goals and gain key learnings, so that products can launch faster.

Watch how Google’s UX teams approach rapid prototyping

Move from idea to a high-fidelity prototype. Hear from Google Interaction Designers and UX Engineers who share their tips for creating paper, digital and native prototypes.

Material design

Create a unified visual experience with Material Design

The Material Design website contains Google’s suite of design tools and guidelines – all in one place.

Start on Android

Get feedback on an app before release

Start on Android’s Early Access programme allows for developers to beta test apps and receive private feedback from engaged Google Play users. This real-world input can improve an app’s performance before release to a broader audience.

Watch The Lean Startup meet design thinking

Understand the needs of your users, draw these ideas out, and execute to make them real. Hear from Eric Ries (The Lean Startup), Tim Brown, (CEO of IDEO) and designer Jake Knapp discuss product development and design philosophies and how they can be used to help entrepreneurs and creatives alike.

Udacity Rapid Prototyping by Google

Take a rapid prototyping course

Google teamed up with Udacity to create a free three-week class on rapid prototyping that guides start-ups through the iterative process of prototyping an app and conducting user research.

Google Design

See how Google approaches design

The Google Design blog is run by Google designers, writers and developers dedicated to pushing design and technology forward and highlighting work from across Google.

Watch designers at Campus

A summary of design and testing best practices to maximize user growth and engagement. Here's a breakdown from Google experts and Campus founders on how to build and test new features with your users.