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Lady is smiling and giving pose

Founder story

VAHA is revolutionizing the fitness industry by putting user psychology first

A lady is smiling

Startup story

How responded to the pandemic by making clinical trials available to everyone

One man and one women are standing and smiling.

Startup story

Doctorly Is Leading German Healthcare Into the 21st Century

Taxfix-App: mit automatisierten Kampagnen von 200 zu 200.000 registrierten Nutzern

Case study

Fintech startup Taxfix increases its registered users by 1000x using automated campaigns from Google Ads

Fintech-Erfolgsbeispiel: SumUp steigert Gesamtumsatz um 885 % mit YouTube Performance Ads

Case study

Fintech SumUp increases total sales by 885% using YouTube Performance Ads

How Frontier Car Group increased their client base with the help of Data-Driven Marketing

Case study

11 markets in 5 years: How a startup with data-driven marketing expanded in record time

Founder of gitti

Founder story

With gitti, the future of the beauty industry could be at our fingertips


Founder story

How Keleya’s founder showed VCs that femtech isn’t just for female investors

Inflight VR employees

Founder story

How Inflight VR’s CTO Built a Strong Company Culture By Putting Her Team First

Deborah Choi, the founder of plant-care startup Horticure

Startup story

Plant-care startup Horticure brings a breath of fresh air into homes

Rasa Žiema, co-founder of Dogo

Startup story

Dogo’s founders built an app they needed–and the users followed

Michelle Skodowski, cofounder and COO of BOTfriends

Founder story

BOTfriends is proof that you don’t need experience to be a great entrepreneur

Kamile Jokubaite and her team

Startup story

Attention Insight says artificial intelligence is the future for marketers

Founders sit at desks in a Google for Startups Campus Tel Aviv classroom, looking up at Google product expert at front of room.

Startup story

Tel Aviv startup Perimeter 81 helps businesses lock down networking security

A man helps another man stand up from sitting on a breakwater.

Startup story

Brazilian startup Trakto is transforming a tourist destination into a tech hub

Group of coworkers wearing matching shirts smiling and holding shoulders

Startup story

Atlanta startup Goodr leverages tech to feed more & waste less

person on motorbike with a red health package attached to the back of the bike

Startup story

LifeBank mobilizes blood donations through startup incubator program

five people standing in a circle talking, two backs are to the camera

Startup story

CareAcademy's startup journey to revolutionize caregiving

group of friends with the camera focused on one man smiling

Startup story

Chicago startup FanFood transforms stadium concessions with mobile app

man cutting woman's hair in barber shop

Startup story

ShearShare’s evolution from beauty professionals to B2B startup founders

three women sitting around a table with a laptop talking.

Startup story

EdTech startup Possip enables parent-teacher communication

man and woman seated on separate chairs. the woman is smiling at the man and the man is smiling with his arms in the air as if he were saying something emphatically

Startup story

Minneapolis startup Civic Eagle demystifies legislative process

woman smiles while sitting in a chair in an office

Startup story

Underdog startup Bitwise activates 'human potential' of Fresno

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