Best practices to Grow revenue

Increase your revenue streams

Playbook for Developers

Get valuable tips and best practices for Google Play

Playbook for Developers is a business app for Android that delivers valuable tips and strategies for succeeding on Google Play, including developing and launching your app, engaging and growing your audience, and earning more revenue.

Watch startup founders speak at campus

Successful founders share their stories at Campus, Google’s global network of startup spaces. Hear from the leaders of DeepMind, Waze, Buffer, and more on the different techniques and practices they’ve adopted to help grow their companies.

Master user acquisition with App Indexing and Analytics

How do you grow user engagement and make your app stand out? Hear from Google’s Jonathan Alferness, VP of Product Management, and Scott Huffman, VP of Engineering, share how to increase user acquisition and usage through Google products.

Udacity App Monetization by Google

Develop a comprehensive monetization strategy

Google and Udacity have teamed up to create an App Monetization Course, a free class that blends instruction with real-life examples to help a startup effectively develop, implement, and measure a monetization strategy.

Earn on Google Play

Grow revenue with Google Play

Earn on Google Play provides tips to build and grow your app’s revenue streams with Google Play. Earn walks through the means to implement the right monetization strategy and shows how to increase paying users with analytics.